Effort Star

of Melbourne, Australia


Social Media Manager


Effort Star is a small indie studio working on “Enter the Chronosphere”, a turn-based tactics roguelike. We are looking for an experienced social media manager to join our fully remote team.


We’re looking for a Australian Social Media Manager to work with our team on a part-time freelance basis. You will be taking over the responsibility of maintaining our online presence on social media from the (extremely busy) directors. Most importantly you will expand our presence to TikTok with tailored video content (as well as cross-posting to YT and IG).

We want you to work in the team to communicate in our voice, while using your initiative and experience to suggest new strategies and iterate on our approach.

Our office hours are weekdays 10am–6pm AEST, during which hours we collaborate on Discord.

The role will consist of two or more full days video editing and scheduling of posts, with an hour or two on other days to check in for replies/engagement. That said, we’re flexible and open to other work arrangements.

Our social media accounts


  • Regular TikTok vidoes
    Produce and post several short videos per week for TikTok, YouTube Shorts, IG Stories
  • Long form video
    Occasionally produce long-form video content for events and milestones
  • Capture gameplay
    Capture and edit gameplay video for social media content
  • Manage accounts
    Monitor our social media accounts and engagement.
  • Follow trends
    Stay on top of social media trends and engage with them.
  • Stay organized
    Keep a social media calendar for upcoming events
  • Analytics and reporting
    Produce regular reports summarizing analytics growth and performance data, as well as learnings and opportunities.
  • Work with the team
    Follow guidelines, refine content with feedback, and sometimes work with team members to produce content.


  • Experienced
    Experience with social media (esp. TikTok) specifically with online indie game communities.
  • Analytical
    Understanding of analytics and how to use/interpret data
  • Remote
    The job is entirely remote, so you need to be comfy working productively from home and communicating via Discord.
  • Australian resident
    We're looking for Australians, with a light preference for Victorians so you can join us in social activities.

Engagement and remuneration

The position is ongoing but on a freelance basis. We think an hourly rate is probably appropriate as workload may increase around key milestones and events.

How to apply

If you think this sounds like the right position for you, or you have any questions, please get in touch with Rhys.

Email jobs+social@effortstar.games by 23rd of April 2024.


  • Why you think you’d be a good fit.
  • Your rate and a what kind of weekly commitment you think is appropriate for the work.
  • Your CV with relevant experience.
  • Anything else that would support your application, e.g.
    • LinkedIn
    • Social media accounts
    • Examples of your work

Looking forward to hearing from you!