Effort Star

of Melbourne, Australia

Enter the Chronosphere

A tactical bullet hell roguelike where each turn is a slice of realtime action.

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Negative Nancy

A choose your “no” adventure for people who have had enough. An interactive sitcom where you can only say “no” (or nothing at all). Your choices control the story.

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The Ballad of Sir Gatling

The Forest King and his wretched hordes are at the gates. It will take a brave, skilful and chivalrous knight indeed to drive them back down the bridge from Castlekeep Citadel: A strong, good and honourable knight named “Sir Gatling”.

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Gobby's Gold

You've been the looter, now be the lootee!
Gobby the Goblin with coin sack must flee
The humble Loot Goblin is ever pursued
By adventuring parties both rowdy and rude

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Effort Star is a brand new indie game company with something to prove.

We strive to create experiences that feel amazing to play and reward players for developing their individual play style. Our designs put gameplay first with challenges that require learning and growth to overcome.

The Team

Rhys van der Waerden

Director, programmer, producer

Ned Kirner

Director, game designer, writer

Tessa Monash

Art director, 3D artist, animator

Tim Goschnick

Concept artist

Matt Davis

Technical artist

Angus Arnold

Composer, sound designer artist

Ian Ulpiano


Darcy Matheson